Sheridan Co. town hit by tornado reports damage, minor injuries

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(WIBW) – A tornado reportedly did serious damage Monday evening in a small town in western Kansas.

The National Weather Service reports a tornado touched down in Selden just after 6 p.m. Selden is a town of fewer than 300 people in Sheridan Co., just east of Colby.

An NWS storm report said a train was blown over and silos were destroyed. Sheridan Co.’s emergency management reported damage to homes, other buildings, power lines, and trees, plus the area was experiencing gas leaks due to the storm.

Trooper Tod of the Kansas Highway Patrol tweeted that KHP has multiple units working in the area. He stated several semi trucks and train cars were blown over, and they are seeing some minor injuries among people who were in those vehicles.

This is a developing situation. 13 NEWS will provide updates as they become available.

by Melissa Brunner (2021, May 24) WIBW

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