Storm surveys add tornadoes in Humphreys and Cumberland Counties

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The National Weather Service continued surveying storm damage and confirmed two new areas of tornado damage.

The first was in Humphreys County. This is a continuation of the path of the EF-2 tornado already confirmed in Benton County. It moved into across the Tennessee River into Humphreys County northwest of Waverly and continued as an EF-1 with 105 mph up to Highway 13 before dissipating.

The other was an EF-0 in Cumberland County that started in the far northern part of the county and traveled into the Catoosa Wildlife Refuge as an EF-0 with 85 mph winds.

This makes a total of 9 tornadoes in Middle TN and south KY (so far, surveys pending).

It should be noted that the tornadoes in Middle Tennessee all came from one long-lived storm.

As a tornado lifts and then touches down later, it is counted as a new tornado, even if it is from the same storm.

by Davis Nolan (2020, Mar 6) WKRN

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