Warning sirens to be tested after possible failure during tornado alerts

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CASPER, Wyo. — Natrona County Emergency Management will be testing outdoor warning sirens from 9-10 am Wednesday, Aug. 28.

That is after they received multiple reports that the sirens “did not sound as instructed” during severe thunderstorm and tornado alerts last Friday.

“We immediately reviewed system reports and they show that signals were sent to the towers correctly and timely,” NC Emergency Management says.

The siren testing will be performed in the Bar Nunn area.

Others reported that “CodeRED Weather Warning alerts were not received, but NC Emergency Management says this does not necessarily imply that system malfunctioned.

“CodeRED Weather Warning interprets bulletins issed by the National Weather Service to determine the severity of the warning and the exact areas affected,” they said. “The system then creates a calling list of all CodeRED Weather Warning subscribers within the projected path of the weather.”

“If you were not in the path, or not subscribed to CodeRED, it would not have alerted you.”

With the Bar Nunn area siren test scheduled for Wednesday morning, NC Emergency Management tells people not to be alarmed if they hear those sirens between 9-10 am.

Annual siren tests for all of the county will take place toward the end of September.

by Brendan LaChance (2019, Aug 27) Oil City News

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