Franklin family ejected from home during EF-3 tornado

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Franklin, Tex. (KBTX) When an EF-3 tornado hit Franklin on Saturday, one family says they’re lucky to be alive after their home was lifted by the tornado and thrown across the street into a tree.

Shervette Witherspoon lived in the home with her sister and her family. Witherspoon wasn’t in the home during the tornado, but she says that her brother-in-law and 6 of her nieces and nephews were.

Witherspoon and her family members told KBTX that everyone in the home was thrown into a nearby field and ejected from the building when the home hit the tree. One of the kids was sent to the hospital, while the rest of the family cleaned the destruction with a helping hand from the community.

“We’re very thankful for everybody…all the family, friends, first responders, police, church members, school members, everybody,” Witherspoon said.

She adds that recovery will be a long road and that they’re figuring out how they can start over. Until then, the Witherspoon family says they will be staying with different family and friends.

by Haley Vyrostek (2019, Apr 14) KBTX

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