No injuries reported in Dodge tornado

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DODGE, N.D. – Early Saturday evening, a tornado touched down in Dunn County.

While the winds stayed close to fifty miles per hour, parts of the Dodge area received damage.

The Greenshields have lived at their home in Dodge for 20 years, and while their house survived the storm, other pieces of their property were tossed and destroyed.

The roof was ripped from their barn, mailboxes gone, trees snapped and a shed is missing.

Marilyn Greenshields says what started as watching the clouds from their deck quickly turned to a dangerous situation.

“Of course like most people we had to look back one last time to see what was developing and I just yelled run. As we got to the basement you could hear the loud noises and things were starting to get more violent,” said Marilyn Greenshields, Dodge resident.

Greenshields says everything destroyed is replaceable, and she’s glad they were luckier than those in Watford City.

by Cynthia McLaughlin (Posted 2018, June 14/Updated 2018, June 15) KFYR

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