Possible tornado causes damage to Alabama military base

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FORT RUCKER, Ala (WRBL) – After a possible tornado hits an Alabama military base, a visitor on post says he was taken aback by the aftermath.

“Just wood pieces from the fencing and like a little building with the roof ripped off of it, the sheet metal was on the ground. I think it was a shed or something wrecked, and just tree branches all over,” says missionary Kirk Flanagan.

Flanagan was speaking about his recent trip to Africa at the main church on post when reports of severe weather came in.

“We were inside, just eating and a friend came in and said there’s a bad storm, a tornado outside, and so later I walked outside and saw tree branches laying around. Then, we drove around and trees were tipped over,” he says.

Residents say the Allen Heights subdivision and Bowden Terrace subdivision saw significant damage.

One military spouse says patio furniture was thrown, as well as trees down.

A tree fell through the roof of one home in the Allen Heights neighborhood.

Flanagan says the strong winds took him by surprise, and he was not aware of any warnings.

One spouse shares online that “this (the storm) came out of nowhere”, and another Facebook post made public says there was not proper warning.

A resident on post says debris clean-up is underway, and roads with damage are closed.

Residents say the power remains on for most, however, power lines are down in places.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

by Jessalyn Adams (2018, Apr 22) WRBL

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