Storms damage homes in DeSoto, Johnson County

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GODLEY, Texas – Early morning storms caused damage in parts of North Texas, especially in Dallas and Johnson counties.

Video from SKY 4 showed lots of roof damage and fences blown over in DeSoto off Nora Lane, just north of DeSoto High School. FOX 4 Meteorologist Evan Andrews suspects the neighborhood was hit by strong straight-line winds.

In the Johnson County town of Godley, several mobile homes near FM 917 and Wildberry Trail were severely damaged. Jennifer Chezem, who lives in the area, said she heard the weather getting bad around 3:45 a.m.

“Just heard howling winds and debris hitting the house. It came in as quick as it left. It was pretty scary,” she said.

Afterward, when she went outside, she saw her neighbor’s mobile home flipped over. She and her husband ran to check on them. They found their neighbor’s disabled daughter on a mattress. Her mother was buried under the debris.

“We just went into rescue mode and tried to get her out. Luckily the fire department showed up because my husband wasn’t able to lift the floor off of her. The floor was basically what was on top of her,” Chezem said.

Both were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Johnson County officials said.

Evan Andrews said the damage could have been caused by a tornado. The radar did indicate some rotation along the leading edge of the storm as it passed through the area.

The National Weather Service is expected to investigate the damage.

by Staff
February 20, 2018

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Kyrie Wagner