4th tornado confirmed from February storm

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ST JOSEPH CO, MI (WTVB) – The National Weather Service now says there were four EF-1 tornadoes that broke out during the evening of February 28, 2017.

They have determined that a tornado was on the ground for two minutes in St. Joseph County. It traveled about two miles and had a top wind speed of 90 miles an hour.

It touched down in a field southwest of the intersection of M-86 and Rambadt Road and tracked rapidly northeast causing damage to several trees.

One of the trees crashed through the roof of a shed and also crushed part of a RV trailer with another RV trailer being pushed over.

The tornado then crossed Truckenmiller Road and caused damage to the roof of a large barn as well as a smaller outbuilding.

The tornado began to weaken and track more easterly knocking over additional trees and causing shingle damage to a residence on Truckenmiller Road west of Nottawa Road before it lifted. No injuries were reported.

Two other twisters were reported in Cass County while another was reported in Berrien County.

by Ken Delaney
Wednesday, March 08, 2017 1:22 p.m. EST

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