Destructive tornadoes tear through central U.S. from Texas to Missouri and Nebraska

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Parts of the nation’s midsection have been devastated after nearly 50 reports of tornadoes in just the last 24 hours. Homes and businesses have been destroyed. On Saturday, hundreds of thousands remain without power.

Powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes, continue to pound the country’s midsection from Texas to Missouri and Nebraska.

“It’s on the road — it knocked a semi over the road in front of us!” said one storm chaser.

Storm chasers in Kansas captured the moment a tornado touched down and flipped a big rig.

The truck driver survived. The same tornado obliterated a home — its occupants are lucky to be alive.

Chasers narrowly avoided getting sucked into the storm after getting dangerously close to another tornado in Kansas. The storm damaged their car.

That same storm slashed through a house in Minneola. Cleanup is already underway after the roof and brick walls were sheared off the home, scattering debris over several yards.

A massive twister touched down in McCook County, Nebraska — and was one of at least 30 tornadoes to hit the Plains

In the west Texas town of Abilene, a powerful storm briefly touched down in this neighborhood, damaging some homes, snapping trees and breaking car windows. There were no reports of serious injuries.

The storms could drop several inches of rain in Texas, and with many rivers and lakes already saturated, people are bracing for possible flooding downstream.

by Omar Villafranca (2019, May 18) CBS News

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