Survivor Of Texas Tornado Describes Escape From Grass House

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ALTO, Texas (AP) — A survivor of a deadly Texas tornado says he managed to crawl out of a grass house at a Native American historic site before the twister hurled it into the distance with two other people still inside.

Jeff Williams of Nacogdoches is president of Friends of Caddo Mounds, a historic site in Alto that was among areas across the South that was pummeled by storms over the weekend.

The Oklahoma native told KTRE-TV Tuesday that he helped build the beehive-shaped grass structure using the Caddo Nation method.

Williams says the house “disintegrated” and the tornado dropped the other occupants “a couple hundred yards” away. They survived.

Caddo Mounds was hosting a cultural event when the tornado struck. One person died and more than 20 were hurt.

by CBS DFW (2019, Apr 17)

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