Brief Tornado Damages Home Near Pilger

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PILGER – For Dennis and Julie Oswald, it came out of nowhere.

A funnel cloud touched down on their property about three miles east of Pilger, causing widespread damage to their property.

Their garage, shifted off the foundation, sheds and outbuildings shredded by wind and feeders completely tipped over.

Dennis Oswald says he was refueling a truck outside when he saw the funnel cloud starting to form. He and his wife Julie raced to a small office on their property where they hid, miraculously unscathed just 50 yards away from total destruction.

The Oswald’s say thankfully no one was hurt, and within hours, dozens of neighbors and family members had arrived to help with the clean up.

The Oswald’s say all that’s left to do is rebuild, and be thankful that it wasn’t much worse.

by Eric McKay
May 17, 2017

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