Tornadoes touch down in western Kansas

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Two tornadoes touched down in far western Kansas on Thursday, officials said.

The tornadoes were not part of a cycling thunderstorm, however. In fact, they were not even close to each other.

One was reported in Kearny County in southwest Kansas, about 6 miles southeast of Kendall, according to the Storm Prediction Center. A storm spotter reported “a fairly large, cone-shaped funnel” that touched the ground a few times. It was visible from 20 to 30 miles away, the spotter said.

A second tornado touched down in northwest Kansas about a half-hour later northeast of Kanorado near the Colorado state line. It was reported in Sherman County.

No damage has been reported with either tornado. The Sunflower State tornadoes were among 10 reported across the country on Thursday.

The others occurred in Georgia and Alabama, with four people reportedly injured.

by Stan Finger
April 27, 2017

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