Tornado Rips Through Carroll County

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One of the first major storms ripped through Carroll County Wednesday, April 19th. At approximately 7:49 pm a KCIM Listener called the radio station to report a Tornado on the ground near Gray, Iowa. The information was relayed to the National Weather Service who issued a Tornado Warning for the county.

At 7:58 pm weather radar began to pick up a tornado debris signature, an area of enhanced reflectivity on weather radar as debris is thrown up in the air by a grounded tornado. Shortly after trained weather spotters observed the formation on the ground and hail up to quarter size.

At 8:00 pm a storm chaser reported a tornado touched down two miles southwest of Carroll, the tornado knocked down trees and buildings, around the same time Carroll County dispatcher reported a machine shed roof and doors were blown away.

At 8:15 pm the city of Glidden reported quarter size hail and power lines were reported down near Halbur causing power outages.

At 8:22 pm the storm weakened as it made it’s way to Greene County.

by Lance Coon
April 19, 2017

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