Tornado inflicts damage on Greasy area

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A preliminary EF1 tornado struck the Greasy community and along Rock Fence Road Monday night, causing major damage to a community center, ball field and several houses.

The drone of chainsaws filled the air Tuesday morning as dozens of downed trees were removed from roads and buildings in the area. Crews from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation removed sheet metal from U.S. 59 where an old welding shop near the highway had its roof blown off.

Some of the oddest occurrences were at the Greasy Community Building, where winds destroyed two buildings but left another in between them untouched. Insulation filled the trees lining the road, making it look like pink cherry blossoms were in bloom.

Tornado warnings were issued about 9:30 p.m. for southern Adair County, and the storm later moved into Arkansas, where it caused additional damage. According to the National Weather Service in Tulsa, the Greasy tornado began at 9:45 p.m. and the winds reached 90-100 miles per hour.

“We put our children in the bathtub, covered them with a blanket and prayed,” said Chris Fuson.

Fuson said two of her kids were in bed when the storm hit the Killer Mountain Community, east of Greasy.

“I asked my husband, Damon, what that loud noise was, and he stuck his head out the door and said ‘It’s a tornado coming! Get the kids in the bathroom!’ I picked up Ju-Ju while Shawn (her oldest son) scooped up Beth out of bed and they all got into the tub,” Fuson said.

Fuson said she was glad there was no serious damage.

“We had only one vehicle receive a broken window, and the garage door was blown in,” she said. “The TV antenna was ripped off the house and the skirting had some damage. Otherwise, it was just clean-up. Praise God for answering my prayers in my time!”

by CNHI News Service
March 8, 2017

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