Volunteers spend the holiday cleaning up tornado damage

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Over a month ago, tornadoes ripped through the Tennessee Valley in Sequatchie County but there is still a great deal of work to be done.

Some residents lost their homes and others suffered severe damage to their property during the storms.

Today, the community came together for a large scale cleanup effort.

Volunteers met at the New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 8 AM Saturday morning.

From there, volunteer coordinators directed people to various locations.

Kerri Miller is one of those volunteer coordinators.

She was at the church at the crack of dawn preparing posters and organizing breakfast for the other volunteers.

Like many residents of the valley, Miller keeps a positive outlook despite the devastation.

Evidence of the tornadoes is still apparent throughout the valley.

Many of the homes that are still standing have roofs covered with tarp while tin lays in surrounding it.

Miller spends her day checking on neighbors, delivering food, and directing volunteers.

Their biggest concern is clearing away trees.

Miller says there is plenty of free firewood to go around.

The cleanup day coming before the start of the New Year is no mistake.

The community needs a fresh start, and for them, this is the best way to create a new start.

by Allison Levine
December 31, 2016

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