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HERMOSA, S.D. ( KOTA TV ) A community just outside of Hermosa that keeps mostly to themselves, joined together to start to rebuild after Monday’s tornado.
Over 45 volunteers along with the Red Cross and partners provided, help, food and lunch.

“It takes something like this for all of us to get together and meet each other.” Todd Stainbrook said, “I knew a lot of them through the road district but, sure met a lot of neat people too.”

Chris Menken’s property was one of the most heavily hit in the Marge Court area.
“”I ran downstairs and came right back up and my camper was flipped over and my garage was gone.” Menken said, “I heard a big smash in the windows and that was it.”

“His garage got totaled but his house wasn’t totaled.” Stainbrook said, “Chris had campers that were picked up and flipped over.”

“We actually had a horse stuck in there,( in horse barn)” Menken said, “Everything collapsed on top of her. We had to move some wood and stuff, she got out and had just a little cut on her. I don’t have a fence anymore so I had to send the horses to the neighbors.”

“It was a hard effort the last couple of days getting everything cleaned up, but really appreciate all the neighbors and community coming together to help us out.” Stainbrook said, “Holy cow I mean the devastation was unbelievable.”

The community wants to thank the Red Cross , the Salvation Army and Fountain Springs Church for all the help.The Rapid City Landfill agreed to waive fees for dumping of debris for people of the neighborhood.

Photo: Scott Gross
By Scott Gross | Posted: Sat 11:03 PM, Jun 18, 2016

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