Woman rushes inside her home as TORNADO begins to form just outside her house

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AN EAGLE-EYED weather buff captured the moment a powerful tornado began to form outside her house.

Kali Michaels was heading to her parent’s house in Peetz, Colorado, when she noticed the weather phenomenon brewing.

Peetz is close to Tornado Alley, an area synonymous with the formation of tornados in the US.

Ms Michaels noticed the early stages of the tornado starting to form “very close to home” so rushed there to catch a glimpse of the incredible weather system.

Tornados are among the most devastating storms on earth and have the potential to cause serious damage.

They form as ground temperatures begin to increase, heating moist air which begins to rise. When the moist air meets cold dry air, it explodes upwards which can begin to form a thundercloud.

The upward moving air can become very rapid, and rotate thanks to winds from different directions.

This causes the cloud to drop towards the ground which creates the visible funnel we associate with tornados.

While most people would be terrified at the idea of standing outside during a tornado, this didn’t put off Ms Michaels who was thrilled by what she had witnessed.

By Joe Barnes
PUBLISHED: 14:03, Thu, Jun 2, 2016 | UPDATED: 14:21, Thu, Jun 2, 2016
Picture: An Eagle-eyed weather buff captures the moment a tornado touches down on her doorstep

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