More storms ahead after deadly tornadoes rake Oklahoma

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Strong to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are possible again Tuesday in the Ohio Valley and southern Plains, a day after two people were killed as the powerful system raked the central U.S.

Severe weather is most likely in cities such as Louisville, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Indianapolis, the Storm Prediction Center said.

An elderly man was killed Monday evening when a large tornado barreled through the Wynnewood, Okla., area, KYTV reported. Near Connerville, about 45 miles southeast, another man was killed when a twister roared through Johnston County.

Overall, there were more than 20 reports of tornadoes in six states Monday evening, the prediction center reported. In addition to Oklahoma, tornadoes were reported in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Arkansas.

Crews from the National Weather Service will survey tornado-damaged areas Tuesday to determine how many twisters formed.

Severe storms in Arkansas destroyed property in Avilla, west of Little Rock, and smashed at least one plane at the Salem Airport, 150 miles north of Little Rock, KTHV-TV reported.

n Oklahoma, major damage was reported to a Coal County radio station, and to several homes in Murray County, Keli Cain, state emergency management spokeswoman, told the Daily Oklahoman.

Lisa Buckner of Elmore City was on her way home from work when she heard about the tornado, the Daily Oklahoman reported. She let her dogs out of the house and went to her storm shelter, where she waited and prayed.

“It sounded just like a train,” Buckner said. The storm lasted 15 to 20 minutes and when she stepped outside, her home was gone, save for a concrete slab, she added.

Trey Pierce, 25, was on his way home from work to his parents’ house where he lives. “I was just about to come down this road when I saw the sucker coming right for me,” he told the Oklahoman, describing the oncoming twister as “a black wall.”

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