15 years later, mid-Missouri remembers 2006 tornado outbreak

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NEW BLOOMFIELD — Friday marks the 15 year anniversary of the destructive March 12, 2006 tornado outbreak that swept across mid-Missouri.

Most of the tornadoes during the outbreak occurred on Sunday, March 12, but a few also touched down on March 11, and early in the morning of March 13.

In all, a total of 20 tornadoes were recorded across 12 mid-Missouri counties, according to weather records.


Total number of tornadoes: At least 20 Longest path: 44.5 miles (Montgomery County) Widest tornado: 350 yards (Saline, Howard Counties) Highest Fujita Rating: F-3

(2 in Montgomery, 1 in Howard, Saline, and Randolph Counties) Total injuries: 46 Total deaths: 5


Throughout the state, over 50 tornadoes touched down in the three-day period. 129 people were injured, and 10 people were killed from injuries sustained by the

tornadoes. The largest tornado was in Monroe County (Northeast Missouri). It was rated F-4 and was roughly 500 yards at its maximum width.


The atmosphere on March 12 was primed for severe weather. A warm front moved north through mid-Missouri, while a dry line and cold front tracked east from eastern

Kansas into western Missouri. Several rounds of storms develop between Saturday (11th) and Sunday (12th). The most severe were on Sunday morning and then again in

the afternoon as a powerful cold front moved through the area. Multiple supercell thunderstorms developed along the cold front and tracked northeast from western

Missouri into central and eastern Missouri. Some of the supercells produced long-track, large and violent tornadoes that traveled for hundreds of miles on the

ground before dissipating.

by Chad Crilley, Dan Ebner (2021, Mar 12) KRCG

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