Two additional weak tornadoes confirmed in August 10th derecho event

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Iowa’s News Now) — The National Weather Service has confirmed two weak tornadoes in the August 10th derecho. This brings the total tornadoes for that event to six.

These tornadoes were weak and it’s fairly common for there to be tornadoes within derechos (or lines of storms). These tornadoes did little to no damage.

The two new tornadoes were confirmed at the NWS in the Quad Cities. Both tornadoes had ratings of EF-Unknown, meaning they did not produce enough damage to be rated.

One of the tornadoes was near Cedar Rapids, north of the Eastern Iowa Airport. Satellite imagery examined showed around a one mile path of the small, brief tornado in a field.

The other tornado was in Freeport, Illinois which moved through crops for around four and a half miles. The tornado was on the edge of the main straight-line damaging winds, but the NWS did not see any damage that was attributed to that tornado.

The other four tornadoes were confirmed by the NWS in Des Moines. They say there were four EF-Unknown tornadoes: two in Albion, one in Melbourne, and one in Gladbrook.

by Rebecca Kopelman (2020, Oct 9)

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