Daylight reveals tornado damage in Cadott

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CADOTT, Wis. (WEAU) – As the sun started to rise on Wednesday, homeowners in Cadott walked out their front door to asses the damage from Tuesday night’s tornado.

“The biggest trees I never expected to come down, were down,” one homeowner said. “You start looking to the side and see the devastation, a garage got moved into the alley, it’s just scary.”

Aside from uprooted trees and a garage pushed off of its foundation, one church also lost its roof. Debris from the roof was found more than one block away.

Another Cadott resident explained what it was like as the tornado moved in.

“Our grill went flying over to the neighbors and we thought ‘oh, it’s time to go.’ Just before we got into the basement we watched the neighbor’s garage explode, we watched our garage move, it’s a bad storm and we were lucky to be in the basement,” he said.

As of Wednesday morning, many residents are still without power. It will be a long cleanup process. Stay with WEAU for the latest.

by Sarah Winkelmann (2020, Jul 22) WEAU

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