Several injured as result of EF-3 tornado in western Wisconsin

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The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department states multiple injuries occurred Tuesday night due to a tornado.

The first involved a semi driver on Highway 29 in the town of Wheaton. Witness video showed several semis overturned. Another person was injured when a mobile home was overturned. And several people who rely on electric medical devices needed assistance due to power outages.

First responders from Chippewa Fire District and mutual aid departments spent the evening checking on residents and clearing roads.

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities reports the tornado Tuesday in the town of Wheaton is an EF-3.

The sheriff’s department said homes along 26th Street south of Highway 29 were significantly damaged. Storage buildings, outbuildings and barns are also damaged.

Damage assessment continued Wednesday.

There have been no deaths reported as result of the tornado.

by Heather Poltrock (2019, Sept 25)

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