UPDATE: National Weather Service releases damage survey on EF2 tornado

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado hit West Lincoln on Sunday.

Per the NWS damage survey, the tornado touched down 4 miles west-southwest of downtown Lincoln, and lifted 3.5 miles west-southwest of downtown Lincoln.

NWS confirms that the tornado was a low-end EF2, with wind speeds of 120 mph.

The storm rolled into the Capital City quickly, causing significant damage to homes and businesses.

Brian Smith with the National Weather Service was out assessing the damage on Monday, he says the area off of West Van Dorn Street showed a clear path from the tornado.

“This looks a lot like tornado damage what I’ve seen here just the way the trees are, the track looks fairly narrow in this spot here,” said Smith.

Smith says they used the information gathered on Monday to confirm the tornado.

by 1011 NOW (2019, May 6)

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