2 tornadoes confirmed to have hit in southeast Minnesota, but not in Red Wing

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Damage surveys conducted by the National Weather Service in portions of Goodhue County that were hit hard by storms on Monday have confirmed two brief tornadoes touched down.

The first tornado touched down briefly just east of Nerstrand in Rice County, followed by another brief tornado in Vasa, a town of 919 people in Goodhue County.

Both tornadoes were estimated to have produced EF-0 damage with winds of 65-85 mph. It’s the weakest tornado possible on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which estimates wind speeds based on damage surveys.

The line of storms that produced the two tornadoes then tracked into Red Wing where 80+ mph wind gusts causes extensive damage, but no damage is believed to have been produced by a tornado.

The damage in Red Wing was extensive at the airport, where hangars had roof damage and one under-construction-hangar collapsed. The city was also hit with significant tree damage.

by Joe Nelson (2018, August 29) Bring Me The News

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