National Weather Service confirms Marshall County tornado from Friday’s severe weather

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Some people in Marshall County are feeling pretty lucky Monday.

No one was hurt in what the National Weather Service is now confirming was a tornado touch down Friday afternoon.

Near 6B Road is where you can see most of the damage.

Right where the tornado came through the corn is flattened.

Now, neighbors in Marshall County are busy cleaning up from the storms that swept through Friday afternoon.

If you look closely, you can see it, the path that the tornado took Friday afternoon flattening corn and splitting many trees in Steve Klingerman’s yard.

He’s busy cleaning up Monday.

“It looked like a big down draft come and one tree over there almost bent to the ground. It only lasted about two minutes,” said Klingerman.

About two minutes of 70 miles per hour winds.

Winds that shook Randy Ames literally.

He and his son were moving cars to their barn during the storm.

“Right when I come out around the corner here with the truck, the wind hit the truck and you could feel it wanting to lift it off the ground. It didn’t pick it up but it was not pleasant,” said Ames.

The tornado damaged the structure of his family’s barn, moving the block base nearly eight inches.

The forceful winds making many there reminisce back to the Palm Sunday tornadoes of the mid-60s.

But thankfully this tornado wasn’t nearly as strong and no one, besides a couple ears of corn and some trees, was hurt.

The Ames family spent most of the day putting the cinder block foundation back to where it should be of the barn, but they say the damage is too bad.

They’ll have to take it down soon.

by Jessi Schultz (2018, July 23) WSBT 22

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