Strong storms sweep across Nebraska, bringing wind, rain and a tornado

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Powerful storms moved across Nebraska on Sunday causing scattered damage.

In the small Sand Hills town of Tryon, strong winds — possibly a tornado — knocked a shed off its foundation, damaged other buildings and blew agriculture equipment “large distances,” according to reports to the National Weather Service.

Heavy rain caused some street flooding in North Platte on Sunday evening.

In the afternoon, a rope tornado had been reported southwest of Big Springs, and several minutes later, a tornado was reported northeast of Big Springs. As the storm moved through the area, a camper on Interstate 80 flipped over, according to reports to the weather service.

Nickel- to golf ball-sized hail was reported in the Kingsley Dam area, along with strong wind gusts.

In Omaha, stormy weather and rain halted the day’s first game at the College World Series, but play resumed after more than 2 hours.

North of the Crescent, Iowa, exit, wind gusts blew a semitrailer truck and a camper off of Interstate 29.

The potential for storms continued into the overnight hours as the system moved through the state.

by Nancy Gaarder (2018, June 18) Omaha World-Herald

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