Motel damaged, trees down after brief tornado hits Waynoka

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WAYNOKA, Okla. (KOKH) – Residents in a northwestern Oklahoma community have a lot of cleanup to do after a tornado touched down.

Police say the twister lasted only briefly, but touched down around 7 p.m. Tuesday night. Officers tell KOKH visibility was near-impossible and that power was out in the city for around two hours.

After the storm cleared, residents emerged to check the damage. Some of it was startling.

A neighbor says the tree in his front yard had snapped in half. He also watched as the gusty winds tore the roof from a remodeled hotel. Bricks could be seen laying around the building as well. The Eastman building suffered some of the worst damage. Woods County Emergency Manager Ethan Fielder reports the building could be a total loss.

County emergency management officials say the building may be a total loss and could have to be torn down.

Damage estimates were unclear Wednesday morning. There were no reports of injuries.

by Dan Snyder and Shardaa Gray (2018, May 30) KOKH

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