NWS: Tornado touched down on north side of Leander

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LEANDER, Texas — The National Weather Service confirmed an EF1 tornado touched down in Williamson County east of Leander.

The 90mph winds ripped apart trees and damaged several homes along the way.

The tornado lasted about 21 minutes and traveled for about five miles.

One home, on Hero’s Way east of Hwy 183, suffered extensive roof damage.

“Before I got here, there was probably 30 people here helping to tarp it, and the neighbors were great,” said James Hourigan, a roofer who spent the day helping his friends on the property clean up and repair rooftops. “We got it all tarped up, safe to go in it. It should not be leaking anymore.”

The winds also blew a flat bottomed boat on the property about 15 feet high into a tree and split several trees in half.

“Hopefully, there’s no holes punctured in it, but if there is, insurance will pay for it,” Hourigan said.

A chimney was also damaged on one of the three homes on the property.

Across the street, winds ripped a tree apart, sending branches flying into a barbed wire fence belonging to Rick Hager.

Luckily, his 30 longhorns didn’t escape, but the damage left him with more work Sunday he wasn’t expecting.

“I thought, well, we better drive around quick to check if there are any other hole somewhere because I thought maybe it started on the other side and took it out too,” Hager said.

None of his other property was damaged.

No injuries or deaths were reported.

by Raven Ambers (2018, May 20) KTXS

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