Spartanburg tornado reports and possible path

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Spartanburg County was hit hard by powerful winds, some of which may have been from a tornado touchdown or possibly multiple touchdowns. The storm prompted a tornado warning near Woodruff and Moore where there is considerable damage in the Green Pond area. Then the storm moved north-northeast heading toward the city of Spartanburg. There were 3 separate tornado reports in and around Spartanburg city, with vehicle, structure and tree damage consistent with a strong tornado. However, there is a chance it could have been straight line winds, and NWS will confirm if it was indeed a tornado on Tuesday.

During the event we could see TDS (Tornado Debris Signatures), and that means the storms were kicking up debris as they moves through Spartanburg County. The debris was consistent with the rotating winds that could be seen on radar.

Again, we DO NOT have confirmation of a tornado, but all signs point to a tornado hitting Spartanburg County. We’ll keep you posted on what survey’s find Tuesday.

by Kendra Kent
October 23, 2017

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