One year after deadly Waverly tornado

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WAVERLY, Va. – Friday marks the one year anniversary since a deadly EF1 tornado touched down in Waverly.

“Everything has been quiet,” Carl Parham, who lives near where the tornado hit, said. “But people in this neighborhood still remember – they never will forget it.”

With winds topping out between 100 and 110 miles per hour, the storm wreaked havoc on the small Sussex County town – killing three people.

50-year-old Larry Turner, 26-year-old Devine Stringfield, and 2-year-old Ian Lewis were all found several yards from their mobile home.

Parham knew the victims.

“I still feel sorry about it,” he said.

The disaster caused more than $2 million in damages.

Many homeowners still have tarps covering their house.

They say they’re waiting to get help with repairs.

Beauty for You, a downtown beauty supply store, also still needs major repair.

“It’s hard to get insurance for it because it’s already broken,” employee Markita Taylor said.

She said the roof constantly leaks; another part of the building is missing parts of the ceiling.

Until they can get the roof repaired, they’re using tubs to help stop the water from seeping into the floor.

County officials say they are applying for grants to help people needing repairs.

by Brian Hill
posted 11:17 AM, February 23, 2017,
updated at 05:53 PM, February 23, 2017

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